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Pink Lotus Testimonials

Back pain...

 I was gifted (CedarWood body butter stick) for chronic back pain that I have had for the past 8 years now. Over the years I have used many different products for pain which all have had amazing claims. As this product was a gift, of course I am going to use it. I didn’t expect to notice much and especially not as fast. Within minutes of putting the butter on my skin I was having pain relief. I never expect any product to remove the pain completely although this butter did considerably decreased my pain. I am very happy to have been gifted this butter and will be repurchasing once the stick is complete. The butter is not overly scented in comparison to other topical analgesics. I am very pleased with this product! 

...relief in under 10 minutes

Mar H from Grande Prairie

My husband and I both use the butter with the extra cannabis.  He gets relief in under 10 minutes for the horrible arthritis in his hands.  Could not do without it.  

Suffering from fibromyalgia which my doctor has finally acknowledged.  I could not manage without the butter.  Use on shoulders ankles neck and legs I need everyday.

horrible pain in hands and feet...amazing results...


June 10 

I suffer from pro static arthritis, horrible pain in hands and feet ... I am using the sweet grass body butter and amazing results ... love it  thank you


Try this. Just try it....I'm a believer now...


April 16 

I suffer from fibromyalgia and have suffered pain, the kind that you lose sleep over, the kind that stops you from being able to go anywhere most days because of pain. The kind that after awhile eats away at your mental health. Well I received from a friend the Pink Lotus body butter for Fibromyalgia. Today I got home from Simple errands and put the body butter on my hips, knees and shoulders. No lie, I instantly started feeling this wonderful tingling and about 10 minutes later.... RELIEF!! I couldn’t believe it! The pain was no longer a 10 on pain scale it was more like a 2!I’m going to be telling anyone and everyone that suffers from different pains. Try this. Just try it. I heard so much about it, I’m a believer now and I want natural any day over pain meds! Thank you Sue Ross, and thank you to the anonymous friend who graciously bought me it.

...helped with pain and swelling

Jill from Lower Nicola

I just want to let you know that I really like your product!  I had surgery last month and it has really helped with pain and swelling.  I gave some to my sister who also has been using it on a chronic Achilles injury and is having more pain relief than she has in a long time.  There is a huge demand for it here and I have been telling many people about your products.  I will be putting in another order as many of my family and friends want to try it.  Once I have what everyone wants, I will be in touch again! 

I am mobile again....

I was introduced to Pink Lotus Cannabis Body Butter by a friend in the fall of 2017.  At that point, I could hardly walk for the cramping arthritis in my feet and ankles.  Started using the product right away and now you would never know I had trouble walking!!! Am also using it for the discomfort (no longer pain) in my side due to bone spurs (calcium buildup) on some vertebrae which cause inflammation.  While it may not "cure" anything, it definitely alleviates the pain; I am mobile again.  Am now on my 4th jar and would not live without it!

...leaves the skin feeling enriched, soft, and super moisturized!


Nicole reviewed Pink Lotus Alternative Care5 star

I received a coconut lime soap from Pink lotus and first off, the smell is out of this world! It's a beautiful blend of harmony and balance. It leaves the skin feeling enriched, soft, and super moisturized!

Love it!! Thank you!

Body Butter is great for sore muscles and a variety of other ailments

Karen R from Grande Prairie reviewed Pink Lotus Alternative Care — 5 star  April 13, 2017 ·   ... I know, I know! My mom makes this stuff, but I've used ONLY her skin care products since she's started because it's THAT good!! I feel I can honestly give all her products 5 stars. You don't need anything else! And the Body Butter is great for sore muscles and a variety of other ailments chemicals!!!

Sharon N reviewed Pink Lotus Alternative Care — 5 star  September 11, 2016 ·   ... Omg the products are amazing. Just tried the body wash almond and it is awesome. Love that all the products have no chemicals !!!

...totally taken away my crohns disease stomach pain...

...I have severe fibromyalgia, as well as chronic fatigue, Crohn's disease, and diabetes.  This oil has totally taken away my crohns disease stomach pain and other associated symptoms.  And my diabetes which caused my blood sugars to yo yo constantly, from 2.9-24.3 on a daily basis is totally evened out!  It sits between 5.6 and 7.2 now!  And the inflamation is substantially better as well in regards to my fibromyalgia.  I am a definite believer in its healing power!  Thank you for selling this all natural oil!  I'm a HUGE fan!

...and I'm slowly working myself off of taking painkillers

...your client from Ottawa.  I just wanted to give you an update.  The pills are working wonders.  My pain has decreased dramatically and I'm slowly working myself off of taking painkillers daily.  My pain has been greatly reduced.  Thank you again.  I will be placing an order again in the future.

...helps with my M.S. big time

I have been taking these cannabis capsules for 14 months now, would not be without them.  helps with my M.S. big time.  gives me so much more energy and strength.

...your pets will be healthy and you can use it so many ways

Love this product for my dog.  Bonnie has recently been through a trauma and has brachial plexus injury.  I've been using the medi-paws oil and rubbing it onto the skin.  And giving her 15 mls with her food a day.  I've also been giving her two of the treats and she has been moving around adapting to her other legs building muscle.  Although it's early to know if the nerves in her armpit will grow back it's day 4 of the treatment today and we have a month to work with her.  Bonnie also has always had bad ears and always scratches the insides of them.  I've rubbed some of the oil over the ears and its cleared up almost completely.  I'm excited to continue using this and I'd advise you to try it out your pets will be healthy and you can use it so many ways not just for the injury the way I use it for Bonn.  

Relief for my aching joints...

Deena P from Grimshaw reviewed Pink Lotus Alternative Care – 5 star  9 September 2016 ·   ... I love the skin care line. And the added benefit from the body butter of pain relief for my aching joints.

helps aches and pains in joints...

Ozzie G reviewed Pink Lotus Alternative Care – 5 star  13 June 2017 ·   ...   Sure helps for aches and pains in joints. Knees and other joints.

helped my undiagnosed wrist pain...

Jessica R reviewed Pink Lotus Alternative Care – 5 star  23 October 2016 ·   ... Great products! I use the body butter and the bath salts and I know for a fact they have helped my undiagnosed wrist pain and nerve issues. I love it! more charlie horses...

Elaine H from Grande Prairie reviewed Pink Lotus Alternative Care – 5 star  13 April 2017 ·   ... Body butter is excellent, use it for all aches and pains. Rub it into my feet and legs at night and no more Charlie horses.

...very moisturizing

Jenna B from Manning reviewed Pink Lotus Alternative Care – 5 star  11 October 2017 ·   ...   This product is fantastic! Takes out the aches and pains, and is very moisturizing. helps my chronic neck pain like nothing else!

I was super fortunate this weekend to win a gift basket containing a couple of products from Pink Lotus!  This is my first experience using cannabis body butter and I can honestly say, it helps my chronic neck pain like nothing else!! The smell is absolutely divine and it feels amazing on the skin!  I can't wait to try out the Cannabis Shower Gel!! I will definitely be recommending these products to everyone I know!! <3