Natures Alternative Pain Management

Health Canada Approved

Our Pink Lotus Cannabis Topicals are Health Canada approved licensed natural health products.  Each of our body butters have an NPN number noted. These topical products contain no thc.  Full of the good Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil healing properties.  The powerful combination of Cannabis Sativa Oil and Essential Oils to help ease your chronic pain, sore muscles and inflammation.

We pride ourselves on our love of Canadian Products and our respect for our Mother Earth.

Pink Lotus Cannabis Body Butter

Pink Lotus Lavender Calendula CannaButter


This Pink Lotus Cannabis blend is directed at muscle spasms, digestive cramps & anxiety.  Calendula & Lavender are naturally calming & the essential oils in this butter all contain anti-spasmodic & calming properties.  

Use for Muscle Spasms, Crohn's Disease, Anxiety, etc.

Pink Lotus Cool Mint CannaButter


Mints have been used for centuries to relieve multiple ailments such as muscle/joint pain, headaches, sinus congestion, abdominal upset & so much more.  They contain powerful anti-inflammatory properties.  Mints also bring aid to the respiratory system.

Pink Lotus Original Cedarwood CannaButter


This wonderful Pink Lotus blend of butters & essential oils deliver much needed relief from chronic pain in muscles and joints.  With anti-inflammatory properties, this butter works very well on easing your arthritis, aches & pains, swelling and so much more.

Pink Lotus Synergy (Fibromyalgia) CannaButter


The essential oils in this Pink Lotus Cannabis body butter blend can help alleviate some symptoms, both physical and mental symptoms.  The specific oils have properties that help with pain management and are directed toward easing your pain.

Pink Lotus Sweetgrass CannaButter


Sweet grass has many healing properties.  Relieves muscle/joint pain, arthritic pain, sore throats, alleviates headaches and so much more.  Sage and Sandalwood essential oils add to this wonderful heady scent.  Bonus: Sweet Grass wards off mosquitoes!

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